Saturday, May 5, 2012

Accepted Portfolio For UCLA Animation Workshop

Because a few friends were asking to see it-anyways here is MOST of what all was put into my application. My figure drawing pages are buried very deep somewhere on my external hard drive and I can't find them for now-so do note that of the supplemental portfolio-the first 3 pages are missing from this post.

Anyways, background for my application just in case you are using this for your own application knowledge gathering purposes. This was my second time applying to the UCLA Animation Workshop. Before sending in this portfolio, I was fortunate enough to go out and visit in person and was able to get a portfolio critique on the supplemental and video portion of my portfolio, as well as advice/direction for how to approach the storyboard proposal. I placed all of my materials in a plastic envelope and very clearly labeled everything. Within the plastic envelope, I also had a folder where I put my storyboard proposal. I don't believe in packaging my work in a gimmicky fashion-my work should speak for itself. But I wanted things to be clear so there was no confusion and possibility of things getting lost. A list of what was in the envelope was taped inside and then I also included a portfolio guide and materials list.

Please do note that now after 5 months away from this, I already think all my life drawing stuff is blah and I'd actually would change a large majority of it because there is simply better work to put in. Guess that's a good place to be at but this is the application that got me into the UCLA Animation Workshop (well, in addition to 3 wonderful letter of rec's I got from professors). And of course, thrilled to be started this September.

Ok words, words, words-here are the visuals. Uploading them in order of what I was told was "most important":

1. Storyboard Proposal

2. Statement of Purpose

3a. Life Drawing and Supplemental Portfolio-
*note-missing first 3 pages which consisted of "true" life drawing

3b. Animation Work

Rabbit Zoetrope Video:
with strobe light
3 different "views": far  away, middle, and close up

If you have any questions at all-please send them my way( There was a lack of other examples to look at both times when I was applying, which is why in part this is being uploaded. Thanks!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It's really helpful to see what level of work is expected!

  2. I used this blog to help me apply to an animation program. I got in! Thank you for sharing, it was a BIG help.