Friday, November 30, 2012

DOG PROM-The Start

Dear blog-I am sorry I forget about you. I do have a post-it note though on my computer in hopes to remind myself to update more.

Anyways, I guess friends lets do a post about my first year film here at the UCLA Animation's called "DOG PROM". I'll first post some boards.


The story itself is pretty simple-it's just about a boy who wants to dance with a girl at prom, expect of course they are dogs. The story grew from mindless sketching while taking a break from a storyboarding project. I was of course drawing my go to-dogs and for some reason, realized that with poodle fur, you can easily manipulate it into prom hairstyles (which I found to be true of other breeds). Then I thought it would be funny to throw a boston terrier into a tux since they are naturally wearing one and boom-DOG PROM just flowed out of my pen.

the initial sketches

Even though it kinda subconsciously came out-I do think DOG PROM was born out of watching "Lady and the Tramp" and "XOXO" by Erin Kavanagh.

Anyways, boarding is pretty much done-just tightening up the ending which is both simple and many options but there's one that is THE option. Otherwise, trying to do character design/look of film/colors figured out and doing some test animation with them-all of which I will post about at a later time. Actually, I'll try and do a post about each step of the process for this little film and talk about changes/struggles/whatever-just to chart the journey of this first year film. It's going to be a ride.

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